Apartments Bohinj. We offer summer and winter activities in Bohinj. Spend your summer or winter holidays at the Bohinj lake. Skiing or fishing ..

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Your first choice for family vacation! By our apartment house is a big garden, cca 1500m2, with trees and meadow for sport activities. In the garden we have garden tables and benches. For children we have swings.

Free rent a bike!
We also have a new cycle route from the apartments to middle village.

Near apartment house is river Sava Bohinjka, there we have a place for barbecue and a beach for swimming in the river. River is crystal clean so you can drink the water from it.

In the wintertime your children can play with other children from apartments Arh on the snowed garden or in Apartments room in the ground floor. While your children have fun you can sit down in Apartment room and make a connection with other apartments guests. Or read a book in a comfortable chair!

River Sava Bohinjka – crystal clear water is only 50 m from our Apartments house.

Bohinj is one of the most famous regions for angling in Slovenia . Clear waters and crafty fish ensure beautiful and interesting fishing. Fish-hooks with barbs are prohibited. So this is something for skilled anglers , and there is nothing wrong with putting back an occasional fish.

Fishing grounds and fishing season:
In Bohinj, fishing is allowed on the Bohinj Lake and on the Sava Bohinjka .
The Sava: fishing grounds stretch from the lake to the bridge in Soteska. Tributaries and the trophy area are off limits

The only permitted method of fishing in the Sava is fly-fishing with barbless hooks. On the lake spanning, fly-fishing, fishing for bleak and with matural baits are permitted.

Bohinj surely needs no introduction as a starting-point for mountain hikes. Triglav alone, the highest mountain in Slovenia , can be reached from three directions (Dolina Sedmerih Jezer, Voje valley, Pokljuka).

Walks across the mountains of Bohinj, exploring the trails of the First World War , the ridge of the Spodnje Bohinjske Gore mountains with their fairy-tale beauty, easier climbing routes such as Miseljski Greben or Vernar, these are just a few suggestions. First-grade maps, marked paths, guide-books, they all enable most mountaineers to take a trip by themselves. If you desire greater safety, want to learn more or visit wonderful spots off the beaten track, we can help you with our guides.


Mountain biking
The most exciting cycling routes. The Bohinj area offers many possibilities for mountain-biking. Numerous forest roads and paths lead to hidden parts of valleys, and trough forests to the vicinity of mountain summits. You can make the trip alone, with your own bike, or you can also rent one, or you can join a group with a professional guide. Whichever way you choose, you are requested to respect the environment which you are exploring and keep to the paths.

To fly like a bird – this is one of man’s ancient desires that has stirred and stimulated the imagination from time immemorial. Paragliding is one of the most beautiful and simplest ways of doing this, and is also available in Bohinj. Experienced instructor pilots take you down to the valley, and they can also teach you the first steps in the wonderful world of flying. Join us!

Sport climbing
One of the most popular climbing centers in Slovenia – Bohinj – has been constructed systematically. A number of climbing sites (Pod Skalco, Bellevue, Bitnje, Bohinjska Bela) and a multitude (more than 200) of quality prepared routes of all degrees of difficulty are available to all, beginners, families and those who seek the most challenging courses of the tenth degree (UIAA).


The best land for winter time. It is a nice part of earth for skiing, cross countries, skating and all other winter activities. Don’t wait too long and explore Triglav national park and Bohinj Lake in winter time.

Nearly – just 100 m from our house lay cross countries line.

SKI BUS STATION is 50 m from Apartments Arh! It is connected to ski resorts Kobla and Vogel. We are between ski resorts.

Ski rental and service:
is 50 m from Apartment Arh, you can rent ski in our village!